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    Podcasts on Your Sony PSP

    October 10th, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    I got a Sony PSP given to me for Christmas last year and I have to confess I haven’t used it that much. I’m not into all these modern games so much and would prefer playing the old classics like Tetris.

    So I was looking at it the other day and thinking what else could I use it for other than playing games and having a wireless TV. Going through the menus I noticed the RSS Channel which wasn’t there when I first got it so must have been part of an upgrade.

    So I delved a little deeper into it and it turns out that the Sony PSP now supports Podcasts. You simply enter the RSS feed of the podcast you want to subscribe to into the internet browser and it will recognize it as a feed and ask you if you want to add it to the RSS Channels. Once you’ve done this you can then select the feed in the RSS Channels menu and it will list all of the available episodes.

    You then have more options with the episodes and can choose to stream it live on your PSP or save it to your memory stick. Saving it I think is a better option if you’ve got room as once your playing the file you can fast forward and rewind until your hearts content without having to wait for the PSP to catch up with its buffering.

    When you’ve saved the file it appears under the Music menus as it is an MP3 and the Sony PSP thinks it will be a music file.

    So if you don’t have an iPod and normally listen to podcasts on your PC a Sony PSP is a good way of listening to podcasts on the move.

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