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    iPhone iTunes store already working in the UK

    October 18th, 2007 byPhilip Nicosia

    I upgraded my iPhone to the latest software 1.1.1 now that there is a less complicated way of jailbreaking and activation thanks to iNdependance which meant I’d still be able to use third party apps and the phone.

    Part of the new software includes the new iTunes store running on your iPhone and I was having a play around with it yesterday to see what it was like. When I found something I was interested in I hit the Buy button on the screen and then was prompted to input my iTunes password and much to my surprise it worked and then promptly downloaded my purchase to my iPhone.

    I was surprised it worked considering that the iPhone isn’t due for release in the UK until November but then I realized it’s probably because you can do the same on a iPod Touch which is available.

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