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    Not all 8 meg Broadband is the same.

    July 1st, 2008 byPhilip Nicosia

    We used to have Sky broadband which at £5 a month was a bargain. There was nothing wrong with Sky Broadband apart from their routers but I wanted to get some extra speed. I was on an 8 meg package but I guess that because of the distance between my house and the exchange I was lucky if I got 2 meg. I also wanted a faster upload speed so I would get a better picture with my Slingbox away from home.

    So I looked around and looked a BE internet that was enabled in my area as they were offering ADSL2+ Max which Sky didn’t have on my exchange.

    Then I realised that BE internet were bought out by O2 and since I had got an iPhone on O2 I could get their 8 meg for £7.50 a month as opposed to BE internets £14.00 an month.

    So I got my MAC code from Sky and signed up with O2 back in December of last year and I have to say I am now getting twice the speed I was from Sky.

    My download speed which I checked earlier is 4068 kb/s and my upload speed is an impressive 648 kb/s. Even if Sky broadband offered their Max package in my area my upload speed would have been capped at 450kb/s when I enquired.

    So for an extra £2.50 I get double the speed and unlimited downloads. I have to say as well that O2 have excellent technical support and unlike Sky their supplied router isn’t too bad either. I was also impressed with their sales team. Rather than try and upsell me to a dearer package they told me up front that I wouldn’t get any faster speed on their 16 meg service so there was no point in paying the extra.

    So if you have an O2 contract phone and live in area they cover it is well worth checking out.

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