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    Free Big Brother Ringtones

    July 15th, 2008 byPhilip Nicosia

    It’s not often you get true freebies like these but Channel 4 have posted some free Big Brother ringtones on their website which you can download to your PC.

    These include:


    If you need a way to get these onto your mobile then check out the wap uploader at where you can also convert these into iPhone ringtones for free.

    Dirk Benedict – And Then We Went Fishing

    February 2nd, 2007 byPhilip Nicosia

    Before when I wrote about Dirk Benedict’s books I said that didn’t list ‘And Then We Went Fishing’ on their UK site and that if you wanted to buy this book you would have to go to

    Well I checked today and you can now get it on but if you want to buy it you better be pretty rich. It is listed as from £366.98! is a bit cheaper at from $199.98!

    That’s just totally outrageous but I guess it is market forces prevailing.

    Anyway, if you really want this book then you can get it as an eBook for $8.96 at

    A much much cheaper option.

    Description from the site:

    From Dirk Benedict, author of Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy, comes an equally brilliant autobiographical look at fatherhood, fate, and forgiveness.

    And Then We Went Fishing is an intertwining of two unique and engrossing stories. The first revolves around Dirk and his wife Toni’s unexpectedly complicated attempt at home birthing, and the second around Dirk’s coming of age in Montana and the violent death of his father. Tales of love, friendship, hatred, and fatherhood careen together to explode in front of him in the taking of his dad’s life and the birth of his first child.

    Dirk Benedict’s writing style is lively, creative, and always engaging. His use of humor, pathos, and imagery is masterful. He has taken two rites of passage in his life and woven them together to produce a story that’s every bit as entertaining as it is moving. Given the author’s unique storytelling ability and well-honed sense of timing, And Then We Went Fishing will keep the reader hooked from page one to its powerful and poignant conclusion.

    “Life and death are the themes of this intriguing book…. The intertwining of what happened in the past with the events of the present makes for an excellent story. The humor, drama, and frustration that Benedict experiences results in a moving book for all levels of readers.”

    Big Brother Ringtones

    August 14th, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    Never one to miss an opportunity Channel 4′s Big Brother has released some great voice tones of the Big Brother contestants.

    Some of the Big Brother ringtones available are:

    Nikki: Who Is She?
    Pete: Let Me Out
    Glyn: Oh No!
    Spiral: Spiral Rap
    Richard: We Kicked Your Ass
    Imogen: DJ Imogen
    Aisleyne: Crazy Giggles
    Jennie: DJ Jennie
    Jayne: Wet Myself
    Michael: My Brethren
    Susie: Knicker Worry

    A couple of these in my opinion are more annoying than the pesky Crazy Frog and I hope I don’t get to hear them anytime soon especially Aisleyne’s Crazzy Giggles which turns my stomach every time I hear that.

    If you want a Big Brother ringtone for your mobile you can go to Channel 4 Mobile for more details.