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    Number 1 & 2 in the big 3 Search Engines

    December 30th, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    I noticed today that I am finally number 1 in all 3 of the big search engines, Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Not only that but I also have the number 2 spot as well.,SUNA:2006-50,SUNA:en&q=Philip+Nicosia

    It’s the first time I have noticed this as before either Google or Yahoo would relegate me to 2nd or third position.

    How long this will last for is anyones guess and could be gone by tomorrow.

    One thing I did notice with Google is that if I didn’t write a page for a while and update the site I would drop down the rankings. Within a day or 2 of adding a page I was back up to number 1.

    Maybe there is a lesson to be learnt there?

    Why Are Google Search Results Different to Toolbar Search Results?

    October 2nd, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    Just curious as to why Google search results are different to Google Toolbar search results.

    If I enter into the Google Toolbar it takes me directly to this site. If I enter the same search term on it lists search results instead.

    The funny thing is I’m not number 1 for that search term. Google doesn’t think that is the most relevant result for

    Creating RSS Feeds for Podcasts

    September 3rd, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    So you’ve created your first podcast and now you want to start promoting it. First you go a podcast directory and the first thing they ask you for is the link to your podcast feed.

    Now for a lot of webmasters especially newbie’s and non-technical types the first that springs to mind is “What is a podcast feed?”.

    A podcast feed is basically an rss xml file which describes your podcast, any episodes you may have and the location of the files.

    In order to simplify the process I have launched a free podcast feed generator on my site Once you setup an account you only need to fill in the simple forms and the feed will be generated for you. When you add new episodes you can come back to the site and enter the details and re-generate your feed.

    PHP Photo Album Script

    August 28th, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    I seem to be getting quite a few hits from the PHP 4 Script which is where I bought the script that runs my gallery so I thought I would explain how I put it on this blog.

    Now I’m not very technically minded and usually leave these things to the professionals but this script was so easy to setup that I did it myself.

    Integrating it into your site should be a piece of cake as all you need to is add one small piece of code into your site where you want the gallery to appear and it is job done.

    I did come across a small problem but this I’m sure could be overcome easily enough if you know what you’re doing but when I created a page within wordpress for the gallery I couldn’t get it to work with just adding the small piece of code. WordPress just didn’t like it at all so what I ended up doing was to include the gallery content with an iframe on the page and now it works seamlessly with the rest of the site.

    The gallery is actually located at and if you went there you would see the gallery pages without the rest of the sites template. I’m not interested in getting my pictures indexed in search engines and have actually blocked them from the gallery directory so it works for me.

    I’d highly recommend the script to anyone as it is so easy to use. They also have a free version too which limits you to one gallery but if that’s all you need then it’s ideal.

    Getting to Number 1 in Google

    August 8th, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    Well I’ve finally done what I have set out to achieve. Eighteen days and 37 posts after setting myself a target of getting in the top 10 results for my name “Philip Nicosia” I have finally made the top spot in Google with this site

    I’m also number 1 in for the same search term but Yahoo! is a different story altogether.

    I briefly made an appearance at No. 3 in Yahoo! but have since been relegated to the Number 23 slot. What’s going on there?

    The most surprising thing I see in Yahoo! is the number 1 result “Compare prices for Philip Nicosia – DVD-Video. Read dvd-video reviews and compare prices at Yahoo! Shopping.” leading to a virtually blank page with my name on it and a blank section titled “Popular Films by Philip Nicosia”.

    Maybe there is a film maker named Philip Nicosia that I’ve never heard of? It’s not me unless of course you include home movies such as this one.

    It will be interesting to see if my results improve in Yahoo! soon.

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