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    Rest in peace dear bunnies

    March 8th, 2011 byPhilip Nicosia

    I’m sad to say that our beloved rabbits Pheonix and Georgia were killed yesterday evening by a fox.

    Pheonix and Georgia

    Abandoned in boxes in a park we rescued these rabbits from the RSPCA in 2006. They have brought great joy to our lives over the last 5 years and will be sorely missed.

    Phoenix Ventures Out Into The Snow

    February 9th, 2007 byPhilip Nicosia

    Phoenix decided to venture out into the snow too see what it was about but I guess he wasn’t too impressed with it.

    It wasn’t long before he had enough and went back into the comfort of his warm hutch.

    Happy New Year from Our Wi-Fi Bunny

    December 31st, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    Meet our new Wi-Fi bunny. He’s already annoying my Girlfriend so much that she can’t wait until he goes to sleep at night. I won’t tell you his name as I have heard that some people with these Nabaztag bunnies have been getting abusive messages sent through throughout the day.

    Anyway, Wi-Fi bunny has a message for everyone. Just click on play to watch.

    Happy new year everyone!

    Pheonix and Georgia

    September 18th, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    Say hello to Pheonix and Georgia.

    Pheonix and Georgia

    These are the two rescued rabbits that we got from the local RSPCA.

    There are more pictures of them in the Gallery in the Pets section if you want to see them.

    Mobile Phones for Dogs?

    September 12th, 2006 byPhilip Nicosia

    Well I think I’ve seen it all now. Petsmobility have launched a Mobile Phone for your Dog!

    As ridiculous as this may sound its actually a pretty good idea. Especially if you have a pet with a tendency to run off on its own.

    The PetsCell not only allows you to call your dog if it gets lost but also allows anyone who finds it to call you. Coupled with GPS navigation you can also track online where your dog is and setup a Geo-Fence around a certain area and get notified if your dog leaves this specific area.

    It could be said as a responsible pet owner you shouldn’t let your dog wander off unattended and I for one would agree with that sentiment but it could be useful if you have taken your dog for a walk off its lead and if it runs off at least you will be able to find them easier enough.

    I guess the next step would be to somehow miniaturize this for use with cats. That I could see as being a good use of the technology as cats are always wandering off sometimes for hours on end. At least with one of these you’d know where it was.

    Only problem is you’d have to move to America for it to work!

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