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    Google must like me!

    September 24th, 2007 byPhilip Nicosia

    I noticed a referral from Google for the search term philip nicosa (incorrect spelling of my name) but what surprised me the most was that on the top of the Google page it said:

    Did you mean philip nicosia

    Scary that Google should know me so well or maybe it’s just they like me?

    Wow- How Fast is Google Nowadays

    June 6th, 2007 byPhilip Nicosia

    I’ve been amazed by the speed of Google today. This morning at 11.38am I created a post on this site and at 12.30pm less than 1 hour later I get my first search engine hit from Google based on the content of that post.

    Now that is fast. Crawled, cached and served up in the results within an hour.

    10/10 for Google!

    Google’s Half-Baked PR Update

    February 27th, 2007 byPhilip Nicosia

    I sometimes wonder why Google bothers with their toolbar PR. It used to be that they updated it monthly but changed sometime back and now they roll out the updates every 3 months or so.

    You’d think they would do it properly wouldn’t you? On one of my sites according to Google’s Webmaster tools the page listed with the highest page rank hasn’t changed in the last 3 months. This page previously had a PR of ZERO but now shows a whopping 4!.

    What confuses me is that other pages on the site which didn’t have page rank before this update have now been given a PR rating of 5.

    So Google, which one is correct? The toolbar rating or the Webmasters Tools?

    I understand why they are rolling out at much larger intervals now but if your not going to give accurate results why bother at all? Why not do away with visible Toolbar Page rank and just show it to the webmasters in the Webmaster Tools Console.

    Page rank doesn’t particularly bother me. I’d much rather have good search results with a Page Rank Zero than crap results and a Page Rank of 10. That said, I think they should either do it properly or not at all.

    Google Fixes Spamming of Google Docs

    January 31st, 2007 byPhilip Nicosia

    It looks like Google has fixed the spamming issue with Google docs. When you do a site search of Google docs it only returns 1 result whereas before it was a couple of thousand url only listings.

    Google docs was being used successfully to spam Google and gained many top 10 competitive results which contained little more than an external link to an affiliate site.

    It took them a while to sort out and it must have been embarrassing for them as a lot of these search terms were for adult themed site.

    I guess it was good for the spammers for a while but like anything obvious was destined to end. I bet some of them made a ton of money though.

    Google Docs Being Used to Spam Google’s index

    January 15th, 2007 byPhilip Nicosia

    I came across something really strange today. Doing a search on for Free Ringtones I saw a page with a url that started, a page held on Google’s servers.

    This result has appeared from nowhere to hold 4th place probably based on the fact that Google believes that pages from Google are to be trusted and will always score well in its own results.

    Google Docs and spreadsheets is a beta program allowing people to create and share their work online. I doubt they gave much thought to this being abused and used to spam their own search engine.

    The text on the page reads:

    “Limited offer! Free Ringtones! Get free ringtones for any phone! It Is All Here! Huge range of Free Ringtones! The largest Selection of Free Ringtones! Thousands of Free Ringtones! Download Free Ringtones right now! The latest ringtones!

    >>>Free Ringtones — click here <<< ”

    When you click on the link it takes you via a redirected page to what looks like a set of 20 different affiliate links.

    This page even looks like a set of Google results in that the fonts and colours are very similar to what you would expect to see on Google itself. The big giveaway though is apart from there not being a Google logo, the sponsored links leading to searches for “Penis Enlargement Pills, Buy Viagra, etc.

    How long before we see returning results for those search terms as well?

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